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Running Performance

Hey Everyone,

This is Dr. Gonzales and I just wanted to share a few bits of information I was reading in a running book called Running by Frans Bosch.  So far I have really been impressed with the quality of information I have read.  I’ll share a few:

•    Running success requires 4 things:
     o    Strength
     o    Endurance
     o    Speed
     o    Flexibility or Suppleness

•    One common running gait fault is excessive forward flexion of the truck at high speeds, which can cause a decrease in pre-stretch of the abdominals and hip flexors

•    The abdominals and hip flexors are primarily responsible for bringing the leg forward during swing phase and majority of the work should be “passive” in nature by elastic properties of the muscles

•    The rate of the swing phase (when the lag returns towards the ground) is directly related to contact time of the hind foot (which should be as brief as possible)
     o    Based upon this statement, a relative decrease in foot contact time can be attained by increasing the rate of the swinging leg.
     o    And one way to increase the rate of the swinging leg would be to increase the pre-stretch of the abdominals and hip flexors by keeping the trunk more erect and keeping these muscles healthy enough for a storage of this elastic/ potential energy.

Remember, performance in running is only attainable with the proper running mechanics and healthy muscles.  Without either of them we would all be ineffective runner with loss of energy and quicker fatigue.

I’ll get more information out to you as I read along but I think this was a good start…. Stay tuned.

Dr. Sebastian Gonzales DC, CSCS, CGFI-MP2
Elite ART® Provider
USA Track & Field Level 1 Coach

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