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ITBS: IT Band Syndrome


ITBS: IT Band Syndrome

ITBS, IT Band Syndrome, Iiliotibial Band runners


IT Band Syndrome or Iliotibial Band Syndrome seems to be going around a bit lately with runners so I thought I would put a short case presentation about a runner I just saw this week with lateral knee pain.  This runner was training for the San Diego Full Marathon, which just happened yesterday and from what he has told, the treatment was a success after only a few sessions.  The interesting part about this case of “IT Band Syndrome” is the fact that it was not IT Band Syndrome at all, rather a Popliteus Tendonitis.


Many time when a runner has lateral knee pain they jump to IT Band Syndrome but it can easily be something just as debilitating such as Popliteus Tendonitis, Biceps Femoris Tendonitis or an issue with the lateral meniscus.  All of these conditions can present in a very similar way so it is important to know your anatomy.


This patient not able to run more than 8 miles without pain prior to his race week treatment sessions, but it seems it was not too late for this runner to still compete yesterday.


Congrats and next time don’t wait till race week because sometimes it IS too late.  See you soon and hope you had fun!


So what is the moral of this case of IT Band Syndrome?


If your current treatment, of lack there of, is not addressing your “IT Band Syndrome” within a short time frame (a few weeks), you might consider looking for a route.  Even great sports doctors, physical therapist, and chiropractors sometimes miss easy cases of “IT Band Syndrome,” especially if they are not looking beyond the IT Band.  Personally I have had “IT Band Syndrome” before and in my case it too was Popliteus Tendonitis instead.


Learn from my mistakes and stop putting all of your time into reading the thousands of threads on ITBS on Runners World Forums.  The Internet has a wealth of information on it but much of it can be wrong and un-original.  Save yourself the trouble.




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