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Pain Relief at P2 Sports Care

Pain is a very real part of many people’s lives.  No doubt, just about everyone knows of someone in pain at any given time, on any given day.  Here at P2 Sports Care, we have the greatest and most effective forms of treatments in decreasing pain and restoring normal living; all of which have the validation of scientific research as a testimony to the credibility of the treatment.  Many of our patients at P2 Sports Care notice an immediate improvement in pain and range of motion after the very first treatment;  however, more complicated conditions may take up to 8 – 10 treatments for the same effect.

Pain is the body’s warning sign.  It signifies that something “deeper” is wrong, however many times the problem is much older than the pain itself.  Pain can be a symptom of a very serious medical condition or it can stem from something as relatively harmless as a sprained ankle.  More commonly it comes from repetitive trauma injuries, such as Carpal Tunnel Syndrome or back pain.  At P2 Sports Care, we will correctly locate the primary cause of your pain and set you up with a proper treatment plan accordingly.

Patients present with 2 classifications of pain:
•    Acute Pain – This type of pain suddenly occurs after a certain motion, injury, accident, illness, or laceration.  This pain is generally no older than 3 months.
•  Chronic Pain – This type of pain occurs due to an old injury which has never completely healed, due to any of a large number of reasons (which will be discussed later).  This pain is present for a longer period than 3months.

Failure to treat an acute condition in a timely and effective manner, will lead to a build-up of scar tissue within soft tissue structures (such as muscles, ligaments, tendons, and nerves) which will cause a chronic pain syndrome and even referred pain or numbing into the arms or legs.


Repetitive Stress Injuries, or Cumulative Trauma Disorders, is one of the most common types of injuries

At P2 Sports Care, we take great pride in understanding what happens to the body during the process of a soft tissue injury.  For this we turn to the Law of Repetitive Motion.

Created by Dr. Michael Leahy, this law describes to us why Repetitive Stress Injuries (AKA Cumulative Trauma Disorders) occur.  Each of the factors affects the amount of injury to the muscles, leading to inflammation and pain.  A result of this inflammation is the deposition of scar tissue, which then leads to a repeating cycle of injury.  Our goals are to limit “I” or the amount of injury to the muscles.

Understanding Repetitive Stress Injuries



P2 Sports Care’s 4 Phases of Care

To maximize the long-term results of our treatment, P2 Sports Care utilizes 4 different phases of treatment to address different stages in an injury and its recovery. The goal of these phases are to get you out of pain fast and then getting you back to your life.  Our treatment plans have a starting and ending point, making “never-ending” appointments at our office impossible.  We recognize you have a life and why waste 3 days a week for the rest of your life in our office.

Phase 1
•    Intake, history, and a physical exam – These components are extremely necessary in order to dictate what type of care is needed for your specific condition.
Phase 2
•    A Customized Treatment plan – People have different medical histories, lifestyles, and injuries; because of this, we customizes each and every patient’s treatment plan based upon the individual to maximize our results.
Phase 3
•    Patient Care – This can be a combination of ART®, chiropractic manipulations, stretching, moist heat packs, E-stim, and neuromuscular re-education activates.  We link various therapies together during different points during your care depending upon what stage of healing you are at.
Phase 4
•    Strengthening/ Maintenance Program – Our treatment of the injured tissues only can take you so far; at some point you will be out of pain and ready to go about your life.  During this phase of care, a customized strengthening program will be designed to decrease chances of the injury returning.  It will be targeted not only at the current injury but also preventing injuries to other regions of the body.  Strengthening your body will lead to a better quality of life overall and that’s something everyone should strive for.  Remember, pain is usually the last thing to show up during an injury and the first thing to disappear.  Keeping your body strong will keep you out of pain.

It is extremely important to follow through with the 4 phases of care and fact is many flare-ups or re-injuries occur because patients fail to follow through with Phase 4 of treatment.  When most people are out of pain they forget about the necessary preventions, such as stretching and strengthening.  At P2 Sports Care we handpicked each and every piece of training equipment because they are the best at training around injuries and getting patients into phase 4 of treatment faster. We do recommend that patients complete all of their strengthening at our facility under the supervision of our trained specialists; however, if a patient insists on training on their own, we will show them proper technique and exercises, ensuring they too will reduce their chances of re-injury.

At P2 Sports Care we hold our patient’s care second to none.  Our treatment plans are individually catered to each person, giving our patients the best care possible and getting them back to life as soon as possible.  Here at P2 Sports Care we realize as time goes on, new information surfaces about the best types of treatment and injury rehabilitation, for this reason we have made a promise to our patients, and ourselves, to be lifetime students.


P2 Sports Care, previously Orange County Pain Management, has been serving Southern California for over 5 years. Although many of our patients live right in the city of Huntington Beach, many of them will come from a great distance to receive our Active Release Techniques®, Chiropractic Care, and Rehabilitation. Our customer service is second to none; our patients always come first.  Even patients who are afraid of going to a chiropractor love our style of care.
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